Golden Road Brewing Tasting Experience

Hidden in the industrial area of Glendale sits a bright blue and orange warehouse known as the Golden Road Brewing Company. Golden Road Brewing is known for their, “I’m-on-vacation” beers and fruity and exotic flavors. You can purchase a few of their beers at most grocery stores, including Vons and Ralphs.

Golden Road Brewing has a very chill, very relaxed vibe; the waiters are casual in board shorts and a laid back t-shirt. Upon arrival, guests are encouraged to seat themselves where they will find menus on each table.

We sat outside under the ‘Shack-like’ awning, with a DJ playing vacation vibed music. It really made us feel like we were on vacation somewhere tropical just minutes away from the beach.

Our trip to Golden Road Brewing included a Fruity Flight, a hoppy Point the Way, and an order of Carnitas Poutine Fries (a must order.)

Here are our thoughts on the Fruity Flight:

Melon Cart by Golden Road Brewing

The Melon Cart is a wheat ale infused with watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. It’s considered a light-ish beer, with only 4% abv.

L: “It tastes more like a cider. It’s good but too sweet for me.”
D: “I love this one! It’s so easy to drink it almost tastes like a light soda. Probably my favorite one.”

Balboa Blonde by Golden Road Brewing

You’ve probably seen the famous bright yellow Mango Cart in every beer isle in the grocery store. Since we knew we can easily access the Mango Cart beer, we opted to switch the Mango cart in the “Fruity Flight” for the Balboa Blonde.

The Balboa Blonde is a blonde ale with pomegranate and strawberry. It’s considered a light-ish beer with 4.8% abv.

L: “My first instincts were that it tastes like a Capri Sun. This one is probably my favorite.
“D: “You can easily taste the strawberry.”

Guava Dia by Golden Road Brewing

The Guava Dia is another blonde ale with guava and pineapple. It’s considered a light-ish beer with 4.5% abv.

L: “This one tastes ‘wheaty,’ it has a little kick at the end, but not bad”
D: “This definitely has an after taste like a sour beer. Probably my least favorite out of all them.”

Palisades Pineapple by Golden Road Brewing

Palisades Pineapple is an American wheat beer infused with pineapple and apricots. It’s considered a light-ish beer with 4.8% abv.

L: “It tastes like a juice, and I can definitely taste the pineapple.”
D: “This tastes exactly like a Catcus Cooler! Strong pineapple flavors apparent in this drink for sure.”

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Golden Road Brewing, parking is limited on the streets, but they do offer valet parking for $5 inside the gate. Make sure you check out their cute merchandise shack on the way out! You can even view their beer list here.

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