Cocktail Recipes for Mom DIY

Cocktail Recipes for Mom DIY

Sep 23 , 2019

This Mother’s Day give mom something she really wants; a good time, and a good beverage. And if you can give her one you can give her the other if ya know what I mean…

We put together 3 recipes you can make at home that are simple, easy and cute! Now you can relax and enjoy a cocktail with mom too!

Cocktail Recipes for Mom

Sony’s Sangria

This drink is great if you’re entertaining a few moms for Mother’s Day. Sangria is always a big hit!


• 1 bottle of Red Moscato
• 4 cups of 7up or Lemon Lime Soda
• 2 cups of Chopped up Strawberries, Blueberries, and Apples or Pears

This is such an easy drink! You can make it within minutes. Cut up fresh fruit then add it to a pitcher, pour the bottle of Red Moscato, then stir in the 7up. Enjoy!

sonrise mimosas

“Son”rise Mimosa

If you remember our Hawaiian Mimosa, you’ll remember that it was red at the bottom and bright orange at the top. This drink is the inverse! (Please note this drink requires a lot of patience which I had to practice….)


• 1 part Mango Nectar
• 2 parts Red Moscato
• Splash of Cranberry Juice
• Cranberries or mango slices for garnish

In a champagne glass, add 1 part of mango nectar or juice. Then very slowly (very slowly or you’ll mess the entire drink up) tilt your champagne glass and slowly pour in the Moscato. This is a delicate task and should be done by droplet, if you pour too fast the drink will mix together and create a solid pink pasty color. Once you master the art of patience you should have a dual colored champagne glass, now just add a splash of cranberry juice and add your garnish.


Momma’s Cran

This is such a classic drink we had to add it to our Mother’s Day list!

To kick things up a notch we’re making flower ice to add to our drinks – just to give it a little something extra!


Flower Ice: 
• Edible Flowers (can be found at Sprouts, or local farmers market)
• Bottled Water
• Ice cube trays
Just add the flowers to ice cube trays, add bottled water (so it looks clear and not cloudy when it’s frozen) and freeze!

• Flower Ice
• 3 part Cranberry Juice Cocktail
• 1 parts Vodka 
• 1 Lime Wedge

Get a cute and fancy cocktail glass, (we used these coupe cocktail glasses) and add your flower ice. Next add your cranberry juice and vodka, and then finish it off by adding a splash of fresh lime juice. Stir and enjoy!

The best part of Mother’s Day is enjoying it with your mom, so pass these recipes on to her and make them together!

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