Amazon Favorites: Cold Brew Edition

Amazon Favorites: Cold Brew Edition

Sep 14 , 2020

Starbucks has surely killed the cold brew game. From the iconic Nitros to Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, to sweet cream, they are evergreen and always concocting new recipes. While it's fun to splurge every once in awhile, it's not feasible to spend $6 every morning when you can make cold brew at home and save major coin! Here are some of my favorite tools to make the ultimate Cold Brew - at home, plus you can order these items on Amazon and it'll arrive in 2 beauty sleeps (hopefully).

Cold Brew Maker - 

I like this cold brew maker from Amazon because it's sleek and stainless steel. It definitely stands out from all the other cold brew makers on the shop page for sure - it's a beauty! 



Alternatively, you can also purchase directly on Chateau’s website and get 20% off!

Syrups and Flavorings -

My favorite syrup is Torani's Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup, alternatively, Jordyn's Skinny Syrup has great options that vary from Cookie Dough to Cinnamon Bun, to Cupcake - all 0 calories, and 0 sugar. During the Fall season, I love making Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews at home, a necessity is Pumpkin Pie Sauce from Torani. Amazon is actually the only place I've seen this sold, besides HomeGoods a few years back.

If you collect syrups like I somehow have, these glass containers are so cute to store them all! Let's face it, a blue Torani label and an awkward plastic bottle isn't the sexiest thing to have on your counter. These glass containers are everything! Plus you can order cute labels from Etsy - and you too can be a Pinterest-Home-Decor-Queen (or King.)

Foam + Frother -

This milk frother is everything! It's always a hit at family brunch and any gatherings we have. It has 2 settings, cold and warm so whether you're making an iced coffee or topping a hot chocolate this is definitely a staple item! For our cold brews, we like to mix heavy cream, half and half, or oat milk - depending on whichever type of drink we're creating.

Utensils and Cups -

These gold espresso spoons are so cute! This is the type of item you would bring out when your bestie comes over and you're having drinks. Plus, if you're going to make your own coffee - make it in style! 

I can't get enough of these cups. Double glass cups were trendy in 2015 when I lived in Europe, now the trend migrated over to the U.S. - thanks to a famous Kardashian! Because of it, there are loads of options on Amazon to purchase.

I love these glass straws, they make everything taste so much better in my opinion. After you finish pouring your cold brew, make sure to drink it through these adorable straws! Plus, you're saving the turtles so kudos to you.


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