Gift Ideas Semi-Homemade

Gift Ideas Semi-Homemade

May 06 , 2020

Here are a few semi-homemade ideas to dress up any special occasion!

These are all budget friendly, and all SO thoughtful.

Starting with a homemade cake!

1. Cakes!


You don't have to fork out a bunch of cash to get a cute cake (though you can't go wrong with a nothing bundt-cake...) Try making your own tasty cake, like this delicious recipe from Kris Jenner! We launched this recipe for Mother's Day and even had custom Kris Jenner stickers.

It's super easy to make and it tastes so delicious!

Here are the ingredients you need:


  • lemon zest
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 cup powdered sugar

Basically, you take boxed cake mix, follow the instructions, and add lemon pudding mixture to make it extra moist. Once it's cooled, mix all frosting ingredients and glaze! For full in-depth instructions, you can follow this recipe here.


Now, let's talk about presentation. If you're making this for a significant other at home, consider plating it on a cake platter, surrounded by fresh flowers, and a cute card! Make the cake the center piece and add embellishments to really enhance the scene!

If you're taking this to-go (say to Grandma's or your BFF) you NEED to get these cute cake boxes. Wrap it up in a cute ribbon and add a special customized sticker.

2. Flowers

Guys, these acrylic flower boxes are EVERYTHING! They are so chic and look like Venus Fleur and Million Roses dupes - except WAY cheaper. A cute flower arrangement can run you at least $150 dollars, so this is a great alternative. Just add your favorite roses, or flowers and you're done! You can buy the boxes here on Amazon. SO WORTH IT! For a more personalized touch, order a label from our website so you can personalize it. Write, "Bestie" "I Love You" "Happy Boss Day!"











3. Drinks

Of course you HAVE to have the drinks! After all, everything is #BetterWithABeverage. We curated 3 cocktails to share with your mom this Mother's Day. We have Sangria, Mimosas, and Vodka-Cran! Try making her a special drink and naming it after her. You can't go wrong with a cute drink that's properly garnished!

Add a special touch to your drinks with flower ice! Just add edible flowers to an ice cube tray and add bottled water so your ice turns clear. Click here to read our Mother's Day Recipes. 

Let us know how your Mother's Day celebration turns out! Tag us in any holiday post or hashtag #BetterWithABeverage.

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Mother's Day Semi-Homemade