Easy Number Cake Tips

Easy Number Cake Tips

Aug 18 , 2020

Number cakes are the perfect addition to any birthday and they are super easy to make too! 

Here are a few tips that will really elevate and enhance your number cakes:

1. Use a sheet pan

Individual number pans are great, but often you don't need to buy each number for every occasion. Bake your cakes using a sheet pan, after the cake has cooled, cut your number out. Use a print out of the number enlarged so both numbers are symmetric. You should use 2-3 layers for each number, which adds up to be one box of cake per number.

2. Upgrade your Boxed Cake Mix

You're going to want a sturdy cake to hold up. I recommend using a boxed cake and enhancing it! Click here to upgrade your box cake. These mixtures will make your cake, THICK! 

3. Piping Kit

Use a piping bag and nozzle with thick buttercream to create a pretty textured look! It will also elevate your second layer as well.

4. Make Decorating Easy

Go to Trader Joe's and buy premade macarons - they come in a variety pack with different colors to chose from, so any occasion should fit! Top with colorful fruit, like strawberries and blueberries, and be sure to cut everything in half to stretch your toppings! You can also add chocolate-covered strawberries or even Ferrero rocher chocolates for an elegant touch! 

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