Gratitude Packs
Gratitude Packs
The Bev Babes

Gratitude Packs

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The Bev Babes are partnering with Food Share of Ventura County this holiday season! 

Express your gratitude to those around you with these cute Gratitude Pouches!

Each pack comes with 5 pouches so you can share with your best friend, parents, grandparents, children, neighbors and coworkers!

Write them a little note on our Gratitude Card and explain how much they mean to you!

25% of all Gratitude Pack purchases will be donated to Food Share of Ventura County to help local families in Ventura County.

Not only are you telling your loved ones how much they mean to you, but you're also giving back and helping the community - feel good about your purchase!

Each Gratitude Pack comes with:

  • 5 Individual Packs
  • 5 Gratitude Cards
  • 5 Straws

Fill these pouches with your loved ones favorite beverages! Including these fall favorites.

Click here to donate directly to the Food Share of Ventura County.